Limited number of presale licenses
for pre-qualified applicants only.

“We knew we were creating something new and unique to the world and we wanted to protect our idea.¬†Especially if you have no knowledge of patents, PatentDive makes the process very easy by breaking down the steps of the patent process. We recently signed an exclusive agreement with Amazon.”
Claire D.
  • Getting ALL the ideas out of your head
  • Lessons and Quizzes
  • Unlocking features based on skill
  • Visual planning for apparatus and system claims
  • Visual planning for method claims
  • Detailing and Broadening strategies
Document Building
  • Build the text of your patent application by answering prompts
  • Create provisional or non provisional docs
  • Generate annotated drawings
  • Issue Tracking
  • Review Mode
  • Work with patent professionals who also use PD software
  • Downloadable app for Windows and OSX
  • Stored as files on your desktop
  • Redacted Mode
(Enterprise only)
  • Art-specific templates
  • Customization of input prompts
  • Customization of language output

Pilot Program

$ 99
per month
$649 per application


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(844) 746-8368

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“Not only did they come up with some crazy intense program to pull all of the ideas out of my brain onto a readable diagram, but they actually made it all make sense. I came out knowing all about patents and what I needed to do to protect my ideas. The product itself was very easy to work with and understand. I am extremely satisfied with the final outcome.”
Ali S.